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Earlier this week we realized that one of our Hands-On workshops may not fully attract many people to it. The reason being is that who wants to pay $250 for something that may or may not even be something you need. So we want to make this a free workshop for the first 12 people that sign up. Yes we said FREE. This workshop is all about how to create a digital workflow that will allow you to speed up your post workflow. This is all about the techie part of the business!! Many people here struggle with this part of the business and we want to help!!

Here are a few things that we will cover

  1. Hard drives, card readers, computers.
  2. Long term storage options for your images
  3. Backing Up your hard drive to safe guard your images.
  4. Preparing Lightroom for the most efficient use. (if you have missing folders or little question marks next to images this is for you!!)
  5. If you plan on out sourcing how to prep for that. (We will help you understand the 2 main options on how to export your images to your editor and re importing them from your editor.)
  6. Any and all Techie questions you may have!!

Location Hampton, Va

Date: March 12, 2016

Time: 10am-2pm


If you struggle with anything on the tech side of your business this is for you and its for FREE!!! Head on over and sign up!!

Sign-Up here-


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