The SEO Masterclass for Creatives

If you’re a creative business looking to connect with your ideal client and generate more income, then you need our secret formula! We can help you create an SEO strategy that will put you in the spot light of the search engine!

 It’s time to …


Generate more traffic to your website & generate leads…FAST

You have a website, you have a blog, and yet you just cannot seem to generate traffic to your site.  We’ve been there.  We put hours of time into something we clearly didn’t understand. We felt defeated and frustrated. Then the penny dropped.  We soon discovered how Google operates and what makes a good site.  We began to implement what we learned and we watched our traffic increase tenfold.  We couldn’t believe the difference! And since we created our strategy, we no longer waste time creating content.  Everything we create for our website and blog is now intentional and strategic.  If you’re going to spend time creating a website and blogging, then make that time count!  

We used this EXACT process for our business!

When we started dabbling in SEO we quickly realized that all of our efforts in optimizing our website and blog were pretty much in vain!

We were doing it all wrong!

Spending 1-2 hours creating a blog post that lost its mojo after the first day was deflating, to say the least.  

We were about to throw in the towel and stop sharing our work when we soon discovered a better way.

We learned how to target the right keywords. We focused on how to create a website that would constantly drive traffic, We began to be strategic with our efforts, which ultimately led to a shift in organic traffic to our site. 

This traffic has increased leads, which has meant more bookings, which has brought us to believe that YES, blogging is important, a website is important, and showing up online works.  

If you’re tired of wasting time on things that don’t seem to be working, we understand.  But don’t give up just yet! There is a better way and we want to share it with you! 

“They have been a fountain of knowledge and have so much to offer”

Luke and Ashley are not only great photographers but amazing people! They have the best personalities and are wonderful to be around. They have been a fountain of knowledge and have so much to offer everyone they come across. We have learned so much from them both that we have been able to apply to our business and life! Thank you!

Kristy & Vic Arias

Wedding Photographers, Kristy & Vic

“I’m so grateful for Luke & Ashley’s SEO Masterclass course and ongoing support!” 

“They are a wonderful team that teaches to your level, whatever that might be. It was a great hands on learning experience that locked in knowledge I had struggled with for some time, only made better by having access continued through emails / texts, which has saved me a few times!“

Tyler Adams

Owner, That Girl Tyler

“Luke and Ashley are a true God send!”

From day one they have been so sweet and welcoming of all questions I had, which is still true to this day. I started doing mentoring sessions with them in 2015 and have done one every year since! Time after time they are always there to help! When I heard they were coming out with a course, I was so ecstatic!! I’ve done many courses, but one that would help me with with my SEO, Keyword research and getting more leads was exactly what my business needed! This course has changed my business forever!! 

Brook Waldroup

Portrait Photographer, Brooke Waldroup Photography

“I have done many other video courses in the past, but this is the one that has changed the way I work.”

It has also helped tremendously in my organization and my efficiency. I had no idea how much there was to learn and how much better of a business owner I could be until this course. I am so thankful to Luke and Ashley for taking the time to make this course! “

Dani White

Wedding Photographer, Dani White Photography

Our program works in 3 easy steps

Optimize Your Website

You may already have a website or you are planning on building one. We are going to take what you have and supercharge that website! 

Do Local SEO

The main goal of this Masterclass is to get your local SEO on fire! We will be focusing on how to target your local audience and get your business in front of your ideal clients. 

Grow your leads

Every month you get visits to your website. You will learn how to increase those leads and turn them into sales.  

It worked for us and it will work for you too!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for years or you’re just starting out. This training will take your business to the next level. The simple step by step system we’ve put together for you will show you exactly how to optimize each page of your website so you can GET FOUND, GET LEADS in your inbox and MAKE MORE MONEY!

Starting Keyword Results

Our Keyword Results now

What’s Included In This Masterclass

10 step-by-step videos to increase local traffic to your website


Video 1: Keyword Research

Keyword research can be overwhelming.  With this course we will take you by the hand to give you everything you need to succeed. 

Video 2: Competition

You will gain the inside secrets about your competition and after this course you will have gained the knowledge on how to beat them in your local area.  


Video 3: The Hit List

For all you list builders out there, this one is for you!  This list is the ulitimate list that will bring in traffic to your website. 

Video 4: GMB Creation

Having an online business is no different than a brick and mortar. We will help you create a Google My Business account.  

Video 5: Boost GMB

If you already have a GMB we will help you get the most out of your listing on Google. 


Video 6: Get Reviews

You will no longer feel intimidated asking for reviews.  We will teach you the importance of gathering reviews and feedback. After this course you will have the confidence and techniques for getting amazing reviews for your business. 

Video 7: Google NAP

What the heck is Google NAP, you ask?  We will give you a quick breakdown on this important component and we will walk you through how to set up and make sure everything is squared away so that you can immediately see results. 


Video 8: Listing Management

Did you know that you need to have your name in like 65 places on the internet? We give you those and we even share a system which does it all for you.  

Video 9: Optimization

Your website is the storefront to your brand.  In this video we will teach you how to optimize your site to increase traffic and visibility to your target audience. 

Video 10: Staying the Course

Keep up your momentum! With this video we will give you easy applicable steps to keep increasing your rankings even after you’ve done all the hard work.  

In addition to the videos you get all this awesome sauce 

5 Weeks of Facebook Consultations

You’ll get access to a private Facebook group where we will be doing live training once a week for 5 weeks! There will be time for Q&A and live demonstrations.

Lifetime Access to the Course

Access to the SEO Masterclass membership site. You won’t have to pay for any updates or changes that are made to the site in the future. The price for the membership will be going up when we open it again.  Get it now and NEVER have to pay again. 

“Luke and Ashley have a true heart for people and are willing to share their knowledge and advice to help other entrepreneurs.”

They are so patient and willing to answer any questions I’ve had about photography, wedding days from their perspective, and how to jump-start my business.

Thanks to what I’ve learned from Luke and Ashley, I have the confidence and ability to take my business to the next level!

Erika Waddels

Wedding Photographer, Erika Frances Photography

“The content in the course was just what I needed to understand the “why” behind it all.”

Luke and Ashley’s mentoring session was great! I was able to learn comfortably and ask questions in an informal setting. They were super informative and helpful! I learn best in person and on an individual basis, so the fact that I was able to bring my own gear, and have the entire session tailored to my specific needs was a game changer. I walked away feeling instantly more confident and was able to immediately put what I learned to use. I would definitely recommend their 1:1 mentoring session to anyone! ​

Emily Bartell

Wedding Photographer, Emily Bartell Photography

“One of the greatest investments we’ve made for our business.”

Luke and Ashley have helped our business grow immensely and we cannot thank them enough. So much knowledge at your fingertips with their education courses and easy to understand!

Carli Hobson

Wedding Cinematographers, Carli & Beau

What you need today!

Book more sessions & get more leads with our SEO course

Prepare yourself for deep dives into:

  • Extensive Keyword Research

  • Optimizing Google My Business

  • Creating Evergreen Content

  • Maximizing Your Blogging Efforts

  • Creating A Homepage That Wins

And so much more.  You will be well versed in this topic by the time you finish, and your hard work will show itself in the Google results!




We share our secrets in this simple to understand SEO Masterclass. No matter what kind of creative business you have, we will show you how to optimize your website and blog to bring in more traffic, which will ultimately bring in more leads! 

Easy to understand video tutorials
Step-by-step simple *yet powerful* SEO strategy.
Creating a blogging system that works and saves time in the end.
Accepting all secure payments

Register today for the course and you will get immediate confirmation. We are offering a 10-day money back guarantee. The next time we open the course up it will be $197.

This is a not a hard choice.

DO NOT MISS this opportunity. It will NEVER be available at this price again!

You have nothing to lose except potential new leads!

This is the perfect fit for you if…

– You are a creative who wants to get in front of your ideal client. 

– You have a website, you have a blog, and yet you know deep down you are not utilizing it to its full potential. 

– You see your competition ranking high on Google and even though you spend time blogging and updating your website, you just don’t understand why things are not working in your favor. 

What you can expect from this Masterclass…

Time Saving

You will save hours not only researching how to search and go after the right keywords but also how to write the content that will help those keywords rank.

Easy to Understand
We totally get it! You are not into all that tech talk! The videos are simple and easy to understand and created with the beginner in mind.
You're not flying solo

Sometimes this can all be overwhelming! This is why we have made ourselves available in our private FB group dedicated to education where you can ask questions and share your progress. 

Some helpful common questions and answers

Can I go at my own speed?
YES! This course is designed in a way that you can watch and learn at your convenience. Just login and pick up where you left off!
What is your refund policy?
We have put a lot of work in this course and made it pretty affordable for the beginner photographer. If you are not 100% satisfied we will consider a refund only if you provide the work you put in to the course. We will evaluate your request and make a decision based on the circumstance.
How long do I have access to the course?
With the purchase of this course you will have lifetime access. As we gain feedback and move forward you will automatically receive any additional upgrades we do to the course at no additional charge.
How do I join the FB group?
Once enrolled we will send you a link to request access to join the group. In the group we encourage you to share and ask questions.
Is this for me?

If you are a creative business looking to grow and generate more leads utilizing their website and blog, then YES!  This course is definitely for you! 

Get started today! Simply enroll!

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What every photographer needs to know about SEO.

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