Photography Digital Media Workflow

A simplified step-by-step course focusing on streamlining and strengthening your post-session workflow process, concentrating on digital organization, storage, and security. No tech savvy required.

Running a successful photography business is more than just taking pictures

You just finished an awesome session!  You get home and you are so excited to upload your images and look at them on the BIG screen!  You plug in and immediately get that dreaded “ Low on space”.  You frantically start deleting files to make room and to no avail, your computer just won’t cooperate!  
What do you do???
As a photographer, you not only need to know how to use your camera, but also so much more!  In this course, we will take you by the hand and teach you how to use your computer and hard drives to ensure a proper workflow so that you can avoid the dreaded low on space… or worse, lost images! 
An understanding of how to use Lightroom not only to edit but also organize your images.
We will show you what Hard Drives to purchase for your workflow and how to set them up.
You will know how to back up your images properly and will gain security knowing that your images are safe.

Do you remember when you decided to chase your dream?

We sure do!  We were all “gung ho” and ready to establish ourselves and our business.  We naively thought that within 2 months we would have it all figured out!  The clients would be banging down our doors to hire us!

Boy were we wrong!

Building a business takes time, dedication, and a whole lot of coffee!

We know that you are busy.  There are TONS of resources out there for you to grab onto.  But don’t you get tired of having to google EVERYTHING???  We did!  This is why we have created a space where we will take you on a journey that will show you how to build your photography business from the ground up.

Building starts with a solid foundation and we are always ready to get our hands dirty!

Time is $$ and by making this purchase you will be saving countless hours of hassle!

Join now and get everything you need

By joining now you can begin setting up a digital workflow that ensures proper backup for peace of mind. Hard Drives crash, computers crash, and we personally have lost images that were irreplaceable. Experiencing this loss is something that we NEVER want you to go through. This is why we have created this course. Don’t waste another minute that would jeopardize those precious memories. Sign up today so that we can begin this journey together!

One Easy Payment of



A step by step process that will take you on a journey to show you what gear you need, how to set up your Lightroom as a library, and how to properly export your images for client delivery.  Plus lots of goodies in-between!

Easy to understand video tutorials
Peace of mind that your images are safe and secure.
Hours of time saved from googling how to videos.
Accepting all secure payments

Also Including Extra Awesome sauce bonuses!

How to export to external editors.
This bonus is for all you wanting to outsource your editing!
Chat with with pros
One on One chat with Luke for any additional tech questions that might arise.
Step by Step tutorial on formatting your hard drives

"They have been a fountain of knowledge and have so much to offer"

Luke and Ashley are not only great photographers but amazing people! They have the best personalities and are wonderful to be around. They have been a fountain of knowledge and have so much to offer everyone they come across. We have learned so much from them both that we have been able to apply to our business and life! Thank you!

Kristy & Vic Arias

“I have done many other video courses in the past, but this is the one that has changed the way I work."

“I have done many other video courses in the past, but this is the one that has changed the way I work. It has also helped tremendously in my organization and my efficiency. I had no idea how much there was to learn and how much better of a business owner I could be until this course. I am so thankful to Luke and Ashley for taking the time to make this course! “

Dani White, Dani White Photography

"I'm so grateful for Luke & Ashley's Off Camera Flash course and ongoing support"

“I’m so grateful for Luke & Ashley’s Off Camera Flash course and ongoing support, they are a wonderful team that teaches to your level, whatever that might be. It was a great hands on learning experience that locked in knowledge I had struggled with for some time, only made better by having access continued through emails / texts, which has saved me a few times!“

Tyler Adams, That Girl Tyler

"help with my workflow, organization and efficiency was exactly what my business needed!"

“Luke and Ashley are a true God send! From day one they have been so sweet and welcoming of all questions I had, which is still true to this day. I started doing mentoring sessions with them in 2015 and have done one every year since! Time after time they are always there to help! When I heard they were coming out with a course, I was so ecstatic!! I’ve done many courses, but one that would help me with with my workflow, organization and efficiency was exactly what my business needed! Luke and Ash have always welcomed me into their home with open arms; it is such a blessing having them as mentors and friends.”

Brooke Waldroup, Brooke Waldroup Photography

Ready to take your photography business to the next level?

You have nothing to lose!

This is the perfect fit if for you if…

You are just not “tech savvy.”  As a creative, we are not all naturally techies and we honestly don’t want to spend hours on end with computer issues!  We just want our computers and gear to work like they are supposed to and we can spend more time creating!  If you are struggling with your Lightroom setup or haven’t even started, then this course is for you!  Don’t worry, we are creatives too, so we will keep it simple and to the point! 

Time Saving
You will save hours not only researching how to setup up your workflow, but also future of hours will be saved by preventing potential “technical difficulties.”
Easy to Understand
We totally get it! You are not into all that tech talk! The videos are simple and easy to understand and created with the beginner in mind.
You're not flying solo

Sometimes this can all be overwhelming! This is why we have made ourselves available not only through our private FB page .

Some helpful common questions and answers

Can I go at my own speed?
YES! This course is designed in a way that you can watch and learn at your convenience. Just login and pick up where you left off!
What is your refund policy?
We have put a lot of work in this course and made it pretty affordable for the beginner photographer. If you are not 100% satisfied we will consider a refund only if you provide the work you put in to the course. We will evaluate your request and make a decision based on the circumstance.
How long do I have access to the course?
With the purchase of this course you will have lifetime access. As we gain feedback and move forward you will automatically receive any additional upgrades we do to the course at no additional charge.
How do I join the FB group?
Once enrolled we will send you a link to request access to join the group. In the group we encourage you to share and ask questions.
Is this for me?
If you are a beginner photographer or a photographer who feels that they never really got a solid foundation in regards to setting up their digital media workflow then YES!! This course is just for you!

Get started today! Simply enroll for the course

You have nothing to lose!

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