The Importance Of A Good Photography Workflow

by | Jul 26, 2018 | For Photographers

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When it comes to your photography workflow which scenario best describes you?

  1. I don’t delete anything!  Even my memory cards are stashed away and I am afraid to delete the images off!  If my computer crashed at this very moment I would lose it all!  I even have images on my computer right now that I haven’t delivered and if my computer were to die right now, the images would be gone.                                                                                                                                      I am always stressed out about losing my images.
  2. My desktop is unorganized.  I import my photos and can barely remember where they are.  I have folders on top of folders and I am scared to delete.  My computer is running out of space and I am freaking out.
  3. I am not tech savvy!  I would rather be out creating awesome imagery rather than sitting at my computer figuring out hard drives and backups!  It all gives me a headache and takes my stress level to the max!
  4. Workflow?  I don’t have a workflow.  Never really thought about it and am not sure where to even begin!


Technology can make my head spin! And if your anything like me, understanding the ins and outs of your computer and backing up your images can bring some serious stress!


Thankfully I have Luke.  Computers, hard drives, and logistics is his love language.

When we first started our business, we ended up losing our daughter’s newborn pictures.  Thankfully I had made some prints.  Unfortunately, though, I didn’t make a lot and all the digital images were lost. This was a hard lesson to learn and one that we still get sad just thinking about it.  We knew that with clients entrusting us with their precious memories that we had to do everything in our power to protect and guard those images.  We couldn’t let what happened to us happen to them.  Especially when they were paying us.

Luke got right to work and began to create a workflow that works for us.  From shooting to delivery, we have created a system that is organized, stress-free, and easy to understand!  Especially for me since I am so not tech savvy!

Technology is always changing.

A few years ago we were delivering images on a disc.  We transitioned to USB drives and now we use an online delivery platform.  The thing is though, we cannot solely rely on the company that hosts this gallery. If the company we use were to go out of business or technology again changes, we have to be able to still serve our couples if we are able We had a couple reach out to us about losing their disc.  They asked if we had the images and thankfully we located them and were able to give them to the couple.

Creating a library and backups that are easy to access helps you serve your past clients in a way that they were not expecting.  We are in this business to serve and to go above and beyond when we can and we are able to do this when we are organized and have a system that works.

Where do I even begin???

Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed.  This is not your forte and you just wish that someone would take you by the hand and show you the way!  I totally get it.  I also know that we all don’t have Luke’s love for all things techie!

After years of phone calls, emails, and one on one mentoring, we have decided to put together a course that will do just that.  Take you by the hand and help you set up a photography workflow that makes sense and gives you peace of mind that your images are safe.  No more watching countless youtube videos and reading articles that are over your head!  No more of that dreaded notice “low disc space” on your computer.  This is a simple step by step guide that will get you set up within hours!

We have walked in your shoes.

We understand the stress, the overwhelm, and the desire for everything to work as it should.  Luke and I want to help you set up a solid workflow so that you can move onto the things you love.  This is why we are excited to announce that we have launched our first course all designed to help the frustrated photographer create a system that works for them.  No more second guessing, no more crossing your fingers that you don’t lose something.

We are giving you security in your process!

We took all our frustrations that had to do with our digital workflow and put them into a course.  Our goal is that once you complete the chapters, you not only will have a solid understanding of your system, but you will have created a solid workflow that will save you tons of time and stress!

We are so excited that we can help others eliminate headaches and frustration that revolve around this area of their photography business.  After years of one on one phone calls and troubleshooting with other photographers it only makes sense that we would create an all in one course!

What can you expect in this course? 

  • Video tutorials that will show you how to set up your workflow.
  • An In-depth explanation of Lightroom and how to not only use it for editing but also organizing your files.
  • PDF reference guide
  • FB Foundations Group access for additional support
  • Learning how to back up your images properly.
  • We will walk you through what you should buy for your setup.
  • And lots more! 


photography-workflow-with-Luke-and Ashley-Photography


Luke and I are so excited to announce what we have been working so hard on!  When you are tired of being stressed out with your setup and you are ready to create a solid workflow then let us help you!

Thank you for following along this journey with us!

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photography-workflow-with-Luke-and Ashley-Photography

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