The Off-Camera Lighting Workshop Experience
Luke & Ashley 
Luke and Ashley are a husband and wife wedding photography team based in Virginia.  4 years ago they discovered a great need in the photography industry.  A need to understand lighting and the technology behind it.  Several times a week Luke was getting asked to help out with local photographers OCF understanding.  This was when the lightbulb went off.  They decided to host their very first Off Camera Flash Workshop and it was an immediate hit.  They base their workshops on not only understanding the technical side of the equipment but giving their workshop attendees a hands on experience. 

Jess Aiken-Wedding Co. of Williamsburg
Jess Aiken is a Williamsburg native, turned wedding planner and designer. After graduating from James Madison University (go dukes!), Jess found herself back in her hometown of Williamsburg, immersed in the wedding and event industry. Her career portfolio includes being a rentals consultant for a small Williamsburg event company, an assistant director of weddings & event sales at the prestigious Kingsmill Resort and an assistant director of events for the College of William & Mary. In 2012, Jess opened Wedding Company of Williamsburg and hasn't looked back since. 

With a team of twelve, Wedding Company of Williamsburg plans and executes over 30 weddings a year and has executed over 130 weddings in the course of six years since opening its doors. Jess's passion for weddings paired with her knowledge of the Williamsburg, Virginia area has made her company the premier wedding planning and design company of the area. 

If OCF scares you... Let's tackle it together. 
Is This Workshop For You?

Answer the following questions to see if The Workshop Experience could be the missing link to your business growth!
  • Did you invest hundreds into OCF gear but still have not taken your gear out of the box?
  • Did you invest into your gear because you knew that would make you a professional photographer, but you don't know how to use it?
  • Do you advertise to all of your clients that you are a "natural light photographer only"? 
  •  Does the thought of shooting with artificial light scare you?
  •  Is OCF immediately sound all technical and your just not ready for that techno-babble talk?
  •  Are you receiving inquires for venues you would love to shoot at BUT your scared that your low images with not turn out turn because you know you cant rock the OCF yet?
  •  Do you rely on your second shooters to have a solid understanding of OCF so you can task them to shoot OCF for you? 
  •  Do you press buttons on your flash hoping that you get the right settings?
  •  Are your tired of your flashes not work, going through a ton of batteries or overheating?
  •  Do struggle with where to put your flashes while shooting your receptions?
  •  Do  you love the glow of backlight but you do not know how to get it?
  •  Do you want to stand out from your competition and get more work?
  •  What happens if the ceremony was moved inside due to weather do you know what to do?

What Past Workshop Attendees Are Saying
Luke & Ashely YES YES YESSSS! Here are two people so humble and kind willing to share of their tips, tricks, and experiences to help YOU succeed! 
I can’t say enough great things, they are my little go-to addiction constantly inspiring me to want to learn more! Whether you are brand new or a highly experienced creative they are ready to be there for you. 

I took their off-camera lighting course 3 years ago and learned EVERYTHING I needed to know plus more to start nailing it at weddings! 

They make lighting so easy for you! If your looking for some truly hands-on mentors look no further, Luke and Ashley are the best!! Till this day you help me learn and grow as a photographer and I couldn’t be more grateful for your guidance. Thank you for all you do! 
Kristine DeCillis
Kristine DeCillis Photography
Luke and Ashley are truly amazing teachers and even better people! They welcomed me into their home and provided great hands on instruction! 

They took their time, answered all my questions, and really tailored the training to meet my needs! I was able to immediately take what they taught me and apply it out the in the “real world.” If you have the opportunity to learn from these two, DO IT! You definitely won’t regret it!
Lindsey Reid
Lindsey Reid Photography
Luke and Ashley's OCF workshop was great! They invited me into their home, where I was able to learn comfortably and ask questions in an informal setting. They were super informative and helpful, and even made me dinner! I also got some updated headshots, which was a nice added bonus. 

I learn best in person and on an individual basis, so the fact that I was able to bring my own gear, and have the entire session tailored to my specific needs was a game changer. The content in the course was just what I needed to understand the "why" behind it all, and finally take my flash off of TTL mode! 

I walked away feeling instantly more confident, and was able to immediately put what I learned to use. I would definitely recommend their OCF workshop to anyone!
Emily Bartell
Emily Bartell Photography
“Luke and Ashley have a true heart for people and are willing to share their knowledge and advice to help other entrepreneurs.” 
-2018 Attendee
Learn how to use your flash off camera to create and manipulate light in any situation, whether you are looking to lift harsh shadows during midday sessions, fill a room with light, or photograph your subjects after dark.

We will cover the basics and then learn how to tweak the settings in-camera to enhance or play down the ambient light in the scene. From light position and modifier selection to  bouncing the light off-camera to fill a room for more of a lifestyle approach, we will engage in a variety of creative light assignments which will give you the confidence you need to capture images with ease in any kind of light! This workshops covers everything you need to get started and move to the next level with your off camera flash work.

All students need a flash, trigger, and receiver. A lightstand and modifier, while not required, are desirable. Luke & Ashley are happy to make suggestions for a variety of budgets, from economy (under $100 if you already own your flash) to top of the line. Students should be comfortable shooting in manual mode
What You Can Expect
A gorgeous styled set-up that will give you the opportunity to build your portfolio in a highly sought out wedding venue in Williamsburg. 
A Hands-On instruction based setting that will give you the opportunity to practice all the incredible skills that you have learned. 
Confidence in your ability to create beautiful imagery no matter the setting.  The best thing is, you will be learning how to maximize your own equipment! 
Take Home cheat sheet that you can come back to over and over again as you dive deeper into learning your off camera lighting. 
Access into our Private FB page where there is an overflow of information and help through us and your fellow peers. 
An opportunity to join other creatives after the workshop to network and build relationships through a get-together at a local restaurant. 
If You Are Unable to Attend the Workshop We Got You Covered. You Can Pre-Order the Luke & Ashley Lighting Experience! Click Below to Learn More!
Order of Events

 9 am - 9:30 am

Welcome, Meet & Greet In Westbury Hall
Coffee Bar/Hot Tea, Non-Alcoholic Beverages (Water, Tea, Lemonade)
Get to know photographers just like you and Luke and Ashley over some morning brew and pastries.
 9:45 am-11:00 am

Welcome By Luke & Ashley
Luke & Ashley will be telling their story about how they got started with their business of wedding photography!

We will go right into our first lesson.

 11:30 am

Lunch on the Patio
Join new friends for great food and conversation!
12:30 pm-2pm 

Shooting in the Cellar
Hands-on shooting in the Wineries Cellar. It will be dark, and cool so bring a light jacket. Here are the things we will cover.
  •  Dark Room: How to get focus in a dark room
  • Mix Lighting: How to balance and correct tungsten light and day light color temperatures. 
  • Using Modifiers: We will go thru which modifiers to use for low light pictures. 
2 pm-3:30 pm
Reception space will be set up with a few tables that are decorated with flowers, chargers, plates, glassware. 
Dance Floor
Reception Space
  •  How to balance light from different light sources
  •  How many flashes
  • Light Placement
  •  Modifiers
  • Shooting details
  •  Toasts
  •  Speeches
  •  Cake Cutting
  •  How we light in-door ceremony
  •  Lighting for standing people when bride enters and exit
  •  Getting even light on the whole bridal party
  •  Eliminate shadows

 March 18th, 2019 9am-5pm

Williamsburg Winery, 5800 Wessex Hundred, Williamsburg, VA 23185
The 1 day OCF Workshop Experience with Luke & Ashley happens 2 times a year and is limited to 12 seats. 

Sign Up Deadline is March 11th, 2019- SOLD OUT
3 Payments of 
A One-Time Payment of

If You Are Unable to Attend the Workshop We Got You Covered. You Can Pre-Order the Luke & Ashley Lighting Experience! Click Below to Learn More!
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this workshop for? Do you have to be a wedding photographer?
The OCF Workshop Experience is for anyone who is currently struggling with Off Camera Flash. We are wedding photographers so the workshop is geared towards those photographers but OCF is OCF, anyone that is a photographer can benefit greatly from this workshop!

Do you have to have past experience?
No, but we prefer you are familiar with shooting in manual mode on your camera and have at least 1-3 years of shooting experience. 

What do I bring?!
You will need to bring your camera gear, stands, OCF gear and modifiers. We suggest a minimum of 2 flashes and a transmitter.

When is the Balance due?
The balance is due 2 weeks before the workshop date.

Are any topics off limits when it comes to your teaching?
No! We are an open book! We want to coming to us with questions, the more the better. We want you to leave us on a whole new level of understanding and growth!

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